Respax/Narnoo flow to generate API access – Click to see full size image


Step 1: Email Respax for an agent’s RON username and password –

Step 2: Respax will issue you a username and password

Step 3: Enter details within your Narnoo account via Settings → Agent Integrations


Agent integration for respax

Step 4: Determine a list of potential suppliers you would like to book direct and whom use Respax as their reservation system.

*Via your Respax’s RON account you will be able to see a list of suppliers which use Respax. Alternatively you can see this via the “Platform” tab for each supplier you have connected with.

Respax Supplier list from RON portal

Connect with the various platforms


Step 5: Reach out to each supplier and discuss commercial agreements with them. Each supplier will have their own commercial relationship agreement and you will need to abide by their policy.

Step 6: It is up to their discretion of the supplier to do business with you. If they approve and you have successfully passed their commercial agreement you will be able to book them direct. If they deny you the ability to book them direct then you will need to book them via a wholesaler.

Step 7: Via Respax’s RON portal you will need to “Request user login”. This notifies the supplier that you have requested access to their account via Respax.

Request mapping to a Respax supplier via Respax portal

Step 8: Respax completes the mapping procedures on their end.

Step 9: If you haven’t already you will need to Connect with the supplier via your Narnoo console.

Step 10: Assign Respax as the supplier’s reservation system.

Step 11: You are ready to book the supplier direct via Respax.