Request Business Access

Individuals have the ability to search for businesses and ask for access to their account.

A common example here would be if you have someone that requests access to your content. They can request access and you can add them as a Media or Trade role. Another example of this is if you have a staff member that represents your business as well as a number of other businesses. This user can have a dashboard with each of the businesses that they represent in one place.

note: Paid business accounts are able to have an unlimited number of users. Free accounts are only able to have 2 users with 1 being an administrator account.

Step 1: From the user dashboard they can search for businesses with Narnoo via the Navigation search bar.

A: Navigation search bar


Step 2: Business name is the search criteria to be used. In this example we are searching for any business with “Narnoo” in the title

A: Search by business name

Step 3: Once the business of choice has been found the user can press the request access button. The business in question will receive a notification and email of this request. It is up to the business to take action on this.

A: Request Access button