Manage Business Users

Step 1: Navigate to your settings page where you can find your user’s settings for the business.

A: Settings page

Step 2: Here you will see any existing business users and if any users are pending acceptance.

Pending users are either individuals that have requested access to your business account or invited users which you have sent an invitation to access your business account.

A: Add new user button B: Pending user button

Step 3: When you press the Add New User button a pop up window will appear. From this window you are able to add a new user via their email address. You are able to set their role at this time also.

note: Paid business accounts are able to have an unlimited number of users. Free accounts are only able to have 2 users with 1 being an administrator account.

A: Popup window with new business user form. You are able to select the user role from here

Step 3b: Make sure to add the email address of your user.

If the individual has a Narnoo account then they will be automatically added to your account.

If the individual does not have a Narnoo account then they will be notified via email and asked to create a free account on Once they have done this as long as they have created the account with the same email address they will be automatically added to your business user list.

A: Add new user form filled out with email and role selected

Step 4: From the Pending Users page you are able to see any individuals that have requested access to your business. From here you are able to accept or reject these individuals

A: Pending Users tab – Individuals requesting access to this business

Step5: Pending Invite Tab displays users that you have granted access to your account but have yet to create an account on

A: Pending Invite users – Users whom do not have Narnoo accounts but you have granted access

Step 6: With the Pending Invite users you are able to resend the invitation again or Cancel their invitation

A: Pending Invite user actions

Step 7: From the Business Accounts Users page you are also able to manage each of your existing users. Your options are to change the user role or remove the user from your business.

A: User actions

Step 8: When editing the User role you need to select their new Role from the options provided.

A: User role options