How to find the suppliers product IDs

These instructions show you how to find the supplier id and product booking IDs. This is important when using our booking Widgets as you will need to enter both ID’s so the widget knows which supplier and product is being accessed.

Step 1: Navigate to Connect page.



A: Connect menu item

Step 2: The following tab shows all the suppliers that you are following. Make sure you have this tab open.

Step 2b: Click on the supplier icon and a drop down menu bar displays. Select the “View” button to open the details page

A: Following tab b: View button

Step 3: The supplier ID can be found under the supplier’s business name

A: Supplier ID

Step 4: Navigate to the supplier’s products page and go to the product’s details page

A: Products Tab Page B: Actions – View Product

Step 5: Navigate to the products – Booking Link tab and you will see the product “Booking ID”

A: Booking Link Tab
B: Product Booking Code