Create A Collection

A collection contains images, prints and videos. Collections are one place that can contain multiple items of each media type.

Step 1: Collections can be found from the main menu.

A: The collection menu item

Step 2: You will be presented with your collection list. Here you can view collections or create new ones.

A: Create a new collection

Step 3: To create a new collection just enter a name and press save.

A: Form to enter collection name

Step 4: Your new empty collection will be in the collection list.

A: The new collection

Step 5: When you open the collection you will see that there are tabs for each of your media types. ( Images, Print, Videos ). Clicking on a tab will open that items area where you can add items.

A: “Add image” button.

Step 6: Click on an item and press the “Add” button to save the item to the collection. Print and Videos are also added in the same fashion.

A: Click on item shows drop down.
B: Add item button

Step 7: You can remove, view, download items directly from the media tabs by clicking on the media items and pressing a corresponding button.

A: View item
B: Download item
C: Remove item

Step 8: The collection can be shared via a unique link.

A: Share link

Step 9: The link will be presented in a pop up window.

A: Unique share link

Options: You can edit the collection details.

A: Collection data edit button

Options: The information you can edit is as follows: Collection Title, Collection Description and Privacy level. Private is only administration and staff,  Trade is only trade administration, staff and trade users, Public is all users.

A: Collection Title
B: Description
C: Privacy