Enable A Product To Be Booked

1) Make sure operator is connected with your account

Navigate to Connect or Connect –> Following to bring up your list


A: WordPress menu B: Connected list

2) Make sure operator is imported into your website

The operator will have a listings page created on your website


A: WordPress Menu B: Operator Listings

3) Make sure operator’s products are imported into your website.

The operator’s products will be imported into to Products “custom post type”.


A: WordPress menu B: Product list

4) Press the “Enable Narnoo Bookings” link from the product list page.

5) Date range will be displayed on the products page.


If the date range does not appear on the page then the product’s booking details are temporarily unavailable via the nominated booking system.

Note: You must make sure that you have assigned a reservation platform for the operator via Narnoo.


A. Assign a reservation system for the operator via Narnoo webapp



A: Available reservation systems