Help documentation for the new Narnoo webapp

Assign Supplier Reservation Platform

Assign Supplier Reservation Platform Within Narnoo you can assign a supplier to a specific reservation system. Only reservation systems that you have authenticated with and which the supplier is using will show up on this list. Step 1: Navigate to Connect –> Following. This will show you the suppliers which you are following and have […]

Store 3rd Party API Keys

How to store your API keys for third party res systems. Narnoo makes reservation calls on your behalf as you are the agent. To do this we need to store your Reservation authentication details. Step 1: Navigate to Settings –> Agent Integrations page Step 2: You will be presented with a list of platforms From […]

Create Authentication Keys

Create Narnoo API keys for your business account Through the Narnoo portal you are able to create API authentication keys for your business. Step 1. Navigate to Settings –> Developer API Step 2: Press on the “Create New API Keys” button. This button will bring up a window where you will enter some important information […]

Setting Up Respax Integration

  Step 1: Email Respax for an agent’s RON username and password – Step 2: Respax will issue you a username and password Step 3: Enter details within your Narnoo account via Settings → Agent Integrations Step 4: Determine a list of potential suppliers you would like to book direct and whom use Respax […]

Narnoo Role Types

The different role types Narnoo allows a business to assign different user types to their account. Each user type has different access levels. Administrator Full access to the business account and management of content. Staff Full access to media management Can access connected business information Limited access to account settings User management Agent integration Trade […]

Request Business Access

Request Business Access 1) Once a user logs in you will be shown to your business page. From this page you are able to request access to a business or register a new business. Note: Individuals request access to a business so that the user can access or manage the business information. A business connects […]

Create new user account

Create a new user account Individuals sign up as new users within Narnoo and then are assigned to a business account. To create a new user account in Narnoo you can either: Sign in using Facebook Sign in using Google Alternatively you can create a new account using your email address. 1) To sign up […]

Forgotten Password

Forgotten Password Reset If you have forgotten your password you can easily reset it via the password reset feature. This form can be found at: Step 1: Enter your registered email address. Your email is also your username. 2) You will receive an email with a unique link. This link will take you to […]

Create a collection

Create a Collection You can create collections of images, prints and videos. These are good if you need to create lists of items associated with one topic. Step 1: Click collection from the menu Step 2: Click create collection Step 3:  Enter collection name Step 4: Click the newly created collection to view details Step […]

Set social links

Adding Social Links Step 1: Click social links from the menu Step 2: Add the URL links for your desired platforms.