Media management

How to manage media within your Narnoo account

Create a collection

Create a Collection You can create collections of images, prints and videos. These are good if you need to create lists of items associated with one topic. Step 1: Click collection from the menu Step 2: Click create collection Step 3:  Enter collection name Step 4: Click the newly created collection to view details Step […]

Create an Album

Create a new album Step 1: Click album from the menu Step 2: Click create album Step 3: Enter album name Step 4: Click album name to view details Step 5.1: Click “add image” to add image on your album Step 5.2: Click share to copy link Step 5.3: Delete album

Manage Logos

Manage Logo Files 1) Click the logo then click view. 2) Here you can manage the file information You can manage the following with the logo file: Download the original file* Get a share link to the original file* Set the logo as the business’s main logo file Delete the logo file

Upload Logos

How to upload logos You can upload jpg, gif, png files up to 80M for logos. Step 1: Click on Logo from the Media Menu Step 2: Click Upload Step 3: You may drag and drop logo here. Or click anywhere inside of it to browse your files.

Manage your video file

Manage your video file 1) Click the video then click view. 2) You can do manage various elements of your video From the right hand side you can manage a variety of aspects for your video file. These include: Downloading the original version of your video file* Downloading the HD converted version of your video […]

Upload Video File

Upload Video Files You can upload videos into your Narnoo business account. Our system accepts files up to 3G in size and most of the common video file formats. These include, .mov .mp4 .m4v .mpeg  Step 1: Click on videos from the Media Menu Step 2: Click Upload Step 3: You may drag and drop […]

Managing print files

Managing Print Files 1) Click the file then click view. 2) You can perform a number of different tasks with your print file Print options are found on the right hand side of the page. Options include: Downloading the original file* Sharing the file* Updating the file to a new version Deleting the file Adding […]

Upload Print Files

Uploading Print Files You can upload PDF images into your Narnoo business account. PDF’s need to be in page reading format and not in print format. Page reading format means the PDF is readable sequentially by page order. Step 1: Click Print button from Media Menu Step 2: Click upload button Step 3: You may […]

Managing Single Image Files

Managing your images 1) Click the image then click view. 2) You can edit you image details from the right hand panel. Options Include: Download High Resolution file Share the original image file Edit the image details Set as the feature image for your business Delete the image from your account Add the image to […]

Uploading Of Images

How to upload Images Uploading image files is as simple as dragging a file into your images page. You can upload any .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .TIF up to 80M in size. Step 1: Click Images from the Media Menu. Step 2: Click the Upload Button Step 3: You may drag and drop image here. Or […]