Business Account Settings

Dealing with business account

Narnoo Role Types

The different role types Narnoo allows a business to assign different user types to their account. Each user type has different access levels. Administrator Full access to the business account and management of content. Staff Full access to media management Can access connected business information Limited access to account settings User management Agent integration Trade […]

Forgotten Password

Forgotten Password Reset If you have forgotten your password you can easily reset it via the password reset feature. This form can be found at: Step 1: Enter your registered email address. Your email is also your username. 2) You will receive an email with a unique link. This link will take you to […]

Edit Business Profile

Editing the business profile Step 1: Click the business profile button from the main menu.   Step 2: Fill up the information needed then click save.

Manage Business Users

Manage Business Users Step 1: Navigate to your settings page where you can find your user’s settings for the business. Step 2: Here you will see any existing business users and if any users are pending acceptance. Pending users are either individuals that have requested access to your business account or invited users which you […]